We empower merchants and consumers to move forward faster
We believe commerce should be a major driver of progress.
When performed right, it has tremendous power to bring people together, allow collaboration on a massive scale and empower merchants and consumers.
Commerce is adopting new standards
Our mission is to accelerate the best ones
We invest in commerce new best practices
From enabling technologies to new commerce models and everything in between
Consumer brands
Social commerce
Infra tools
Marketing & ad solutions
Omnichannel Solutions
Data Analytics
Circular economy
Logistics & supply chain

It’s our responsibility to be responsible

To people
We invest in companies where employees are proud of their work, as it always translates into better efficiency and long-term value. Spring supports its portfolio companies’ efforts towards safety, work-life balance and inclusion.
Spring is committed to investing in companies that create durable jobs for everyone. Let’s built opportunities that fit all types of career preferences and life patterns: the more diverse, the better.
To the planet
New commerce can reduce its environmental footprint and generate margins through shortened supply chains, reduced waste, second-hand or renting.
Consumers deserve to know where their products come from or how they were built and Spring encourages transparency all the way to suppliers and subcontractors.

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